So the saying goes: “C’s get degrees”. While that may be the case, and you can pass your classes with a “C” average and still be able to graduate, will you be able to find a job as a C-average student?

This topic seems to be very controversial and has players from both sides of the arguments. While I attended school, I’ll admit I didn’t try my best in some classes and settled for a “C” grade. But as I began my job search through larger companies, I began to realize that they are looking for “above-average” students. Though I had above a 3.0 GPA, it wasn’t high enough to impress these larger companies. Many programs require having a 3.2 GPA or higher to even apply. Others argue differently and think that having a really high GPA may mean that you’re only good at studying to take tests, but not so much at applying other skills. With that being said, however, I would suggest that everyone puts forth their personal best in every class, and if your teacher offers extra credit…do it!

Another way to highlight your differences is to be involved in different groups and organizations at your school. This shows an employer your ability to multi-task and that you encompass good time-management skills, if your GPA is good or high.

So while you are sitting through your classes (even the boring ones!) be sure to put forth your best effort to get a good grade to “show-off” your efforts to your future employers!

Submitted by: Suzanne Rouse, Assistant Career Services Coordinator