Being able to find a mentor in college can help you in many different ways. Having someone there who has possibly been in the same situation as you can help guide you through the troubles of difficult classes and can also help you with networking. Knowing that someone has “been there before” could be extremely helpful in high-stress situations. A mentor can be there to help you look past the negative aspects of a situation and help you focus on the bright side, and what really matters. A mentor can also help you take responsibility for your long-term goals. Knowing that someone is there who cares and wants the best for you will help you do your best each day. Finding a mentor who suits you may be a difficult task at first, but get to know your professors and other colleagues, someone to whom you could say, “I want to be successful like you in 10 years…” That way he or she is there, not only for issues in school, but for career advice as well. Look at their history, past experiences, and their own personal goals, and see whose ideas are similar to yours.

Submitted by: Suzanne Rouse, Assistant Career Services Coordinator