I know many of you in both the traditional and CWA programs are scheduled to the max, but this post from the Campus Career Coach blog may provide some ideas about gaining valuable experience in a new field.

The Campus Career Coach

juggleMelissa from the University of Minnesota asked: 

I am trying to get experience so that I can eventually become an academic advisor. My challenge is that I work full-time (1 1/2 hours away from my university),  and  I take a bus (which makes for a 4-hour round trip commute),  so I don’t have time to volunteer. What can I do to try and gain experience?   By the way, I previously worked at two community colleges in work-study positions for at total of six years.  Is that experience beneficial?

Hi Melissa –

Yours is a challenging problem.  With only 24 hours in the day and so many demands on your time, it’s not a question of how can you do more things; it’s a question of how can you use the time you have differently to incorporate you desire to gain relevant experience and explore a career as an academic…

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