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Many college graduates seem to have a hard time adjusting from their college life to a professional career. Needless to say, hours and expectations change. You won’t be able to roll out of the bed and walk to class anymore, or have that flexible schedule that you’ve been used to for the past four years. Typically, most people will be working the usual “nine-to-five” job and will probably have some type of commute.

How do you prepare for this before it hits you? Try waking up a little earlier each day to start out. If you need something to do to keep you from falling back to sleep, go work out, read a book, or start a hobby to pass the time. Once you get a hang of that, try scheduling in extra time to get ready in the morning. You don’t have to go to the extreme and wear a suit to class, but have some extra time so that you know that you could get ready if needed. You should also get used to having scheduled lunch breaks. Be sure to eat a lunch that will refuel you to get you through the rest of the day. Pack some snacks that are easy to eat as well. The earlier that you get used to this, the less shock you will have once you land that full time job.


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Submitted by: Suzanne Rouse