It has always been William Penn’s mission and goal to help students achieve new heights regarding their personal growth, development, and education.  After many successful years and numerous students achieving these measures, WPU is looking to improve its services in an effort to take student growth one step further.  After much collaboration with alumni, faculty, staff, and current students, William Penn University is announcing its first ever career mentoring program.

Although other mentoring programs have been initiated in the past, they lacked a long-term vision. As Penn launches the pilot program this semester, goals are in place to improve a student’s personal growth as well as career growth, and pair students with selected Career Professionals. Students will not only talk about the career path that they want to pursue, but also will discuss specific ways to be successful while on their journeys to a satisfying career.

William Penn is proud of the newly established Career Mentoring program as well as the possibilities that it may open up to all interested students. To participate in the program as a mentor, complete the online application found at www.wmpenn.edu/mentorapplication. To explore successful strategies in your career development as a student, complete the online application found at www.wmpenn.edu/menteeapplication.

Experience all the doors that will begin to open up for you – register today to take the first step to success!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact:

Luis Islas, Career Mentoring Program Assistant
Penn Hall 220

Debbie Stevens, Career Services Coordinator
Penn Hall 220

Submitted by Luis Islas