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Mentoring helps with salaries and happiness, according to Meredith Fineman in “Tips for Finding (And Keeping) Awesome Mentors.” And mentors can be valuable at any stage in your career life, whether hooking up before you complete your college degree, just going into the workforce, or finding someone to help support that next professional move. Fineman suggests several tips for finding the right mentor, and looks at mentoring as a possible two-way street (it’s all about building relationships!). Click here to read the full article.

And don’t stop with just reading about mentoring. If you are Penn studenst or alumni, and you want to search out a mentor in your field – or mentor Penn students or alumni – check out the Career Mentoring program at William Penn University at www.wmpenn.edu/careermentoring. Both mentors and mentees may register online and Career Services will match you up as quickly as possible.