The past four years at William Penn have given me a great amount of experience and knowledge in preparation for the “real-world”. The graduate-assistant program has been able to offer me a chance to further my education as well as work with a great mentor, Debbie Stevens. Over the past year, I have learned a lot about career advice and job search strategies which have led me to a full-time job opportunity, an accountant, which reflects my undergraduate degree. I still plan to finish out my Master’s degree with William Penn University, as well as pursuing another passion of mine – coaching.

I really enjoyed working with faculty, students and alumni in the career services atmosphere. As a student and graduate, I strongly urge everyone to seek out Career Services for advice and resume help! Career Services is always open and Debbie Stevens will be happy to help everyone! Feel free to stop in Penn Hall 220 or email at

Thank you and best wishes!

Suzanne Rouse