Aerotek is recruiting for a division of a very large manufacturing company in the Omaha, NE, area. They are seeking someone with AutoCAD knowledge to be part of their Engineering team over commercial structures.

Their products and clients reside all over the world. The average project in the department will take about six hours, but some projects take several months at a time and others take only a few hours. Products produced will be made of steel or composite material, no aluminum.

This position – Associate Drafter – is an entry level position in this department. We are looking for candidates who are comfortable with doing research 80% of the time and doing actual drafting 20% of the time. Research will include that of local commercial codes, local covenants, and environmental conditions.

  • Candidates will work with Auto CAD 2013 and basic client drawings.
  • Candidates will deal with clients directly on occasion as they move up within the company.
  • Candidates will also work with general aspects of the Microsoft suite.
  • Entry-level candidates are welcome to apply!

If interested, please contact Scott Muldoon at 402-997-7694 or email to smuldoon@aerotek.com by July 15.