You have in interview scheduled. You worked hard to submit a winning resume, cover letter, and job application so don’t stop with preparation now! In her article “How to Prepare for a Job Interview,” Amanda Haddaway gives four simple steps to start preparing for the interview:
1) Do Your Homework
2) Practice Makes Perfect
3) Know the Interview Lingo, and
4) Sell Yourself and Build the Business Case

I would suggest a fifth step. Contact the Career Services Office at your college or university. Not only do they help current students and new graduates develop strong job search skills, but many help alumni, as well. And these services are generally free to current students and graduates from the school. So after you read Ms. Haddaway’s article, don’t hesitate to contact Career Services if you still need help preparing for that interview. At William Penn University, just email careerservices@wmpenn.edu for assistance.