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Highlights, accomplishments, brags – whatever you may call them, it’s helpful for you to keep them up-to-date for a number of reasons. In her article “Why You Should Always Keep a Running List of Your Career Accomplishments,” Jane Scudder suggests benefits of the list include 1) Keeping better track of your experiences, 2) Having readily available phrases and statistics to draw from, 3) Giving yourself choices, and 4) Observing your own trends. Scudder points to these suggestions as ways to update a resume or cover letter more easily and quickly, or to strengthen your job search. You can even share one or two of the brags in a brief ‘elevator’ speech when you meet up with decision makers.

In addition, these accomplishments could also be useful as the basis for promotions and salary increases, or for speaking about results and creating dynamic reports. Click here for the full article.