One component of the job search process is providing excellent references to back up your claim to be the best candidate for the job. A few tips could help you get even more benefits out of the references you list for potential employers to contact.

  • Of course you will ask your references ahead of applying whether or not they will agree to be a reference for you. If someone is only lukewarm about speaking up for you, it might be better to find someone else who really supports you.
  • Choose references who know you and know your work. A former supervisor, a leader in your community, a faculty member who knows you well, or someone who can vouch for your good character are all solid choices. Another great choice would be someone who already works where you would like to work, and who can vouch for you.
  • A strategy I have used with success is to send the description of the job to which I’m applying, along with my current resume, to those on my references list. This updates the reference and gives them a framework around which to speak about the skills relevant to our work relationship.

Additional valuable tips can be found in “4 Ways to Guarantee a Killer Reference Check” by Robin Reshwan. Read the article HERE.