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Some career experts believe sending a thank you after an interview is not necessary. After all, it’s part of the interviewer’s job to take the time to interview you.

However, I believe the Thank You is not only a good idea and a common courtesy, but also one more chance to make a good impression and reinforce the interviewer’s positive perception of you as a potential employee. In fact, I have several anecdotes about thank you notes, but they all have an underlying theme: “This candidate wouldn’t have been our first choice, but the well thought out thank you note after the interview swayed us his (or her) way.” Certainly food for career success thought.

Check out Lydia Dishman’s article, “The Right Way to Say Thanks After an Interview” for some excellent tips on expressing thanks once the interview is over. And remember, think of the Thank You as one more chance to demonstrate what a good choice you would be as the new hire! Article Link