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Ladies, have you considered golfing as a potential networking venue? Men seem to know what it’s all about, and it doesn’t hurt in the corporate world to give some thought to learning enough to go out on the course when corporate events and business outings invite participation.

Just recently, a lady friend starting taking golf lessons and wanted to go out on a real golf course to practice and learn about golf protocol. I said, sure, and we scheduled an outing two weeks out. Naturally, we ended up golfing on the hottest day of the year to date; I lasted through two holes and then ‘caddied’ the rest of the way; and we made nine holes for her to try out every new club in her bag. (And we agreed to go again – when it was 70 degrees instead of over 90!)

But even though she is midway through her career, she realized when her boss asked if she golfed – and then if she wanted to learn so they could get out of the office with different clients –  that this was a good time to try something new and develop a stronger relationship with her boss and new relationships with clients.

Katie Brophy and John Keyser say it better in their article, “Teeing Up for Success: Saying Yes to Corporate Golf Events and Other Business Golf.” Read it HERE, and remember to drink plenty of cool beverages on those really hot days!