It seems each May and December bring out scammers preying on new college graduates. As Career Services representatives, many of us at Iowa small colleges and universities try to warn the others when we find out about scams – and often it’s not the company scamming, it’s dishonest folks using a company name to do their dirty work. The following warning came from outside Iowa, but it provides an example of how these scams might work.

So beware and be wise as you navigate your job search!

“We just got a call from a student who was scammed by a company calling itself Hanwha Group.  He was interviewed and offered a summer internship, and then asked for money.  Unfortunately, he gave them his money.  I deleted the job posting and disabled their account (and added notes for each), and I emailed all the other students who applied for the job to let them know it’s a scam.  I told them that legitimate employers will never ask for their money, and to let us know if they get contacted by Hanwha Group or anyone else who asks for a payment.   I called the phone number provided by the contact, and it does not match the company’s office at that address.  Plus, I called that number and it has been disconnected.  The contact’s email address does not match the company domain–there is an extra letter.  Their account has Hanwha’s real website and mailing address.  The company is legitimate, but the contact person, email, and phone number are not.”