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Networking is still key to continue professional growth and make connections with people and companies who may be hiring. While many conferences, business dinners, and mixers may have been canceled with much of the world still cautious due to quarantine recommendations, making new professional connections and strengthening relationships inside and outside your organization are still possible.

LinkedIn and other social media platforms come to mind when reaching out to other professionals, but Alisa Cohn and Dorie Clark also suggest three additional strategies in their article, “How to Network When There Are No Networking Events.” These strategies include:

  • Turn canceled conferences into private networking opportunities.
  • Rethink geographic boundaries.
  • Invite senior leaders to your online working group meetings.

For more information on how to fully implement these strategies and examples, click HERE to link to article.

And don’t forget, William Penn University has created a William Penn Career Networking Group on LinkedIn, found at this link: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12383130/