William Penn University Career Services seeks to serve students on its Oskaloosa, West Des Moines, Ankeny, and online campuses in Iowa, as well as serving our alumni. The Career Services blog was started to better share current job openings and career development information with students and alumni in a timely manner.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. How does a company post a job opening on WPU Career Services?

  2. Greetings:
    I’m still developing my blogging skills and missed your question. However, I want to respond to your question so you and all readers who would like to post jobs through our blog know how to make that happen. Just email stevensde@wmpenn.edu with your position, job description, application details, deadline – any pertinent information – and I will see that it is posted within two or three days. We help traditional students and students in our College for Working Adults find jobs, so although we post a majority of jobs in Iowa locations, we have a demand for jobs all over the nation as our traditional students come from nearly 40 states. There is also a growing interest in global employment. We currently have approximately 40 International students on our campus, as well.

    I hope this information helps. I look forward to working with potential employers, and am glad to answer your further questions at stevensde@wmpenn.edu.

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